Learning Outcomes with Capsim Simulations

Learning Outcomes with Capsim Solutions

Highlighted Learning Outcomes of Capsim Simulations

  • Develop strategy in a fast-growing market and embrace the outcome
  • Strategic decisions for 8 consecutive years
  • Realistic Ethical and Crisis Scenarios
  • Profit and Loss Management
  • Business Management at top Executive Level
  • Hands-on Involvement in Strategy Process
  • In-depth Data Analysis and Information Processing Toward Big Picture Decisions
  • Sales Forecasting Skills and Methodology
  • Managing Hard and Soft Resources for a Balanced Scorecard
  • Operational Decision Making and Execution within Corporate Strategy
  • Team Dynamics Assessment and Team/Individual Development Plans
  • Internalize How Operations and Marketing Impact Financial Performance
  • Understand Financial Statements and Their Use in Practice (income, cash,
  • balance sheet etc.)
  • Observe and Mediate Personal Differences in Team Work
  • Concurrent Hard and Soft Skill Development

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