Why Capsim is the best in Business Simulations?

Why Capsim is the Best in Business Simulations?

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As participants leave our programs, they feel equipped for whatever challenge business life throws at them. They have sufficient theoretical knowledge which they can enhance on their own. Knowledge crowned with an experience equivalent to many years of professional experience.

Learning Areas Targeted by Capsim Products

    • Business Unit Integration
    • Innovation and Technology
    • Effective Business Management
    • Information Based Decision Making
    • Effective Communication
    • Strategic Data Analysis and Strategy Formation
    • Critical Thinking Skills
    • Quantitative Learning Skills
    • Use of Enterprise Decision Support and Productivity Tools

How do Capsim Business Simulations help to improve skills? 

In a risk-free environment, attendees manage multi-million dollar companies faced with unexpected crisis scenarios and realistic ethical dilemmas. Depending on the platform chosen, attendees can manage their risks in a local environment or expand to the globe (USA, Germany and China). Professionals find opportunities to test different strategies in a highly competitive virtual environment.

Decades of undergraduate, graduate and professional education has struggled to bridge the gap between theory and practice which takes very long.  What Capsim have accomplished is to fill the gap itself instead of building a bridge resulting in unforgettable business learning.

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