Project Management in Practice


Project Management in Practice

The Project Management eco-system, i.e. methodologies, terminology, professional institutions nad certification practices have been going through a major overhaul due to existing but newly structured methods such as “Agile” and the need for non-software companies to incorporate the young generations’ style of learning and executing in novel ways.

This Blended Learning Program immerses participants in all methods from Agile to Hybrid and Predictive and invites them to differentiate, criticize and map methods to Culture, Project, Team so that they can tailor the right model for the right situation. They will do all of these while running their own projects in a simulated, competitive environment. The whole process will be wrapped around applying the principals of PMBOK 6 and the Agile Practice Guide but the starting point will be differentiating between various models and identifying the most suitable one for their setting. Before each round of the simulation there will be short lectures and work-shop style hands on preparation for the project decisions.

Teams will make a final presentation reflecting their simulation project performance, their learning experience and personalized comments on the choice of methodologies. The presentations will be given to a representative body of Project Stakeholders which may include senior executives of participants’ real-life companies.

Blended Learning Program Sequence:

Self Study on Simulation Platform and Summary PMBOK & Agile Practice Guide (Platform is opened to all participants two weeks prior to in-class experience)

In class sessions

  1. Which Method: Agie, Hybrid, Predictive? Practice Round – debrief and leveling the playing field
  2. Suitability Assessment Radar Chart – Competition Round 1 and Debrief
  3. Project Initiation – Competition Round 2 and Debrief
  4. Knowledge Area Review – Competition Round 3 and Debrief
  5. Project Planning – Competition Round 3 and Debrief
  6. Knowledge Area Review – Competition Round 4 and Debrief
  7. Project Monitoring and Execution – Competition Round 5 and Debrief
  8. Knowledge Area Review – Competition Round 6 and Debrief
  9. Project Closure – Presentations and discussion on individual preferences for future projects

Course Simulations

Management Fundamentals
X-Teams Dynamics
Management Fundamentals
X-Teams Dynamics